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Virtualized modules

Step into the world of custom-made solutions with Strategic Feed Virtualized Modules:
a smart brick system which encapsulate cutting-edge technologies to provide you with immediate and comprehensive answers.

Our continuous research and innovation efforts to tackle the challenges faced by our clients on their daily operations lead us to come up with modules that can seamlessly be integrated into current business systems. Every deployment is unique as they come as practical response to a specific operational context.

So, if some of your projects are still on hold because you think you are short of resources, or because you are still seeking solutions specifically build for your needs, just browse through our 4 module categories and let us know what your ambition is!

Customer Knowledge
  • Understanding of clients/users profiles and behaviors
  • Implementation of push & pull strategies/operations to optimize the match between supply and demand
  • These modules are built to help:
    • Adapt a customizable offer to specific client profiles
    • Detect and prioritize client profiles likely to be in the scope of a non-customizable offer
    • Anticipate clients’ needs to maximize customer loyalty and retention

Business Dynamics
  • Collection and exploitation of operations related data to:
    • Master the critical points in processes
    • Optimize capacity and resources planning to achieve punctual or recurring tasks
    • Secure the implementation of an action plan through the accurate assessment of impacts, risks and return on investments
  • These modules are made for the professionals willing to maximize operational efficiency using modeling techniques and scenarios for decision making

Advanced Detection
  • Automated detection of phenomena, trends, anomalies or singularities. Research criterion can be manually specified or dynamically generated depending on the type of data being analyzed and the intended exploitation.
  • These modules are composed of two complementary parts which can be activated in compliance with target operational contexts:
    • The active monitoring of data sources or information systems
    • The triggering of contextual alerts or actions

Predictive Analytics
  • Advanced applied mathematics and algorithms to extract predictive information from raw or heterogeneous data sources. Our predictive models can be:
    • Supervised, as a response to a specific query or issue
    • Spontaneous, by automatically retrieving the critical points of specific activities and by determining the appropriate response
    • Hybrid, combining the two approaches in a continuous self-learning module
  • The extracted information can be:
    • Analytical and descriptive to help understand phenomena
    • Predictive and probabilistic to help design actions plans which limit risks and maximize return on investments

Each Virtualized Module is built from components which combine advanced scientific methods, high performance computing capabilities and interoperability with current industry standards:


Exploitation of diversified and heterogeneous internal/external information sources


Intuitive interfaces to control and manage information and services


Operational information monitoring, automated phenomenon detection and alerts

Analytical & Predictive Streams

Injection of contextual internal/external analytical or predictive information

Conjuncture Extension

Conjuncture and trends analytics integration


Proprietary algorithms and methods (advanced optimization, genetic algorithms, multi-agents systems, encryption)

The Bureau of Investigation

Need a prompt and accurate analysis or an investigation on a specific subject?

Don’t have available resources to discover what relevant information is hidden in your data?

Need help or guidance to make a strategic decision or to help you choose the best operational options?

Or just want to test us and see what we can do for you?

Ask the Bureau of Investigation, relax and enjoy the results!

The Bureau of Investigation was founded to meet with speed and accuracy the expectations of the professionals who want to use data to drive their activities towards success.

Available on demand, this team gathers our best experts in the area of your inquiry and provides you with advanced thorough analysis.

The Bureau is committed to result and can deliver within 12h.