Our Approach

Combining Data Science
and Strategic Consulting


Strategic Feed responds to its clients' needs whenever they are willing to gain from the analysis and exploitation of data to:


Drive & optimize their daily operations or secure a specific project


Make informed decisions while defining strategies or executing plans


React to unexpected, complex or competition-related situations

We work in partnership with our clients, regardless of their industry, to achieve diversified, bold and significant initiatives relying on data and the actionable information we are able to extract from it.


We have grown a unique proficiency which unites Data Science and Strategic Consulting.
Our services are delivered on a long term, confidential and reliable basis where we offer a dual expertise:

The strategic consulting and project management expertise to perfectly define the goals, the conditions to succeed and the practical methods to implement.

The scientific and technological expertise to secure the construction and the deployment of the solutions relevant to the defined goals.

We conceive consulting as a mutual commitment of means and resources as well as a fair sharing of risk and rewards.
We believe that every project, even the craziest, deserve to be taken seriously.
We are not here to judge but to help and to support each and every initiative.

Our solutions meet your business needs in a pragmatic way as they leverage:

Synergies offered by information systems interoperability
Value-added information extracted through the use of leading edge scientific methods
Operational agility allowed by the use of custom-made modular technologies